NBD Productions

NBD Productions is the culmination of a tiny idea that sprouted into a massive concept. Our team is determined to provide excellent services for our clients in pursuit of our combined goals.

Shooting is set to begin on "The Hollow" September 1st!


Charles Truax (writer, producer, director)

Cassidy Wright (editor, executive producer, assistant to director, casting director)

William Slater (audio, mastering, voice overs, original scoring, mics/boom)


"Chuck" played by Ben Williamson

"Angela" played by Cassidy Wright

"Ryan" played by Nathan Obrien

"Michael" played by Alexander Miran

"Brandon" played by William Slater

"Man" played by Matt Scott

"Cody" played by Scott Larrabee

"Zoe" played by Nina Axton

"John" played by Garrett Wagner

"Father" played by Charles Truax

"Child 1" played by Natalie Scott

"Child 2" played by Colton Truax

"Jogger" played by Megan Mikalunis

"waitress" played by Angel Truax


Click the link above to watch the teaser trailer!